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8月10日 sat官方每日一题(阅读篇)

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  Critical Reading>Select an Answer

  Conceptually, everybody is in favor of the right tovote. You will not hear anybody defend the notionthat the law can discriminate against personsbecause of their color, or their faith, or theirethnicity, when it comes to going to cast a ballot. That's huge progress, a normative shift in how we think about our democracy. Everybody intheory is supposed to be included.

  But part of the reason we're here today, part of the reason it's so important for us to focusattention on this right is because in practice, we've still got problems.

  On the ground, there are still too many ways in which people are discouraged from voting. Some of the protections that had been enshrined in the Voting Rights Act itself have beenweakened as a consequence of court decisions and interpretations of the law. Statelegislatures have instituted procedures and practices that, although on the surface may appearneutral, have the effect of discouraging people from voting, may have a disproportionaleffect on certain kinds of folks voting.

  And if, in fact, those practices, those trends, those tendencies are allowed to continueunanswered, then over time the hard-won battles of 50 years ago erode, and our democracyerodes. And that means that the decisions that are made in the corridors of power all across thiscountry begin to reflect the interests of the few, instead of the interests of the many.

  So we've got serious business to attend to here. One order of business is for our Congress topass an updated version of the Voting Rights Act that would correct some of the problems thathave arisen.

  In the passage, Obama anticipates and addresses which objection to his argument?

  A. Not every citizen can be equally involved in decision making.

  B.New voting requirements are equally fair for everyone.

  C.The original Voting Rights Act is flawed and needs to be changed.

  D.The United States government should simplify the voting process.




  Choice B is the best answer. Obama states that "legislatures have instituted procedures and practicesthat" may seem to be neutral but "have the effect ofdiscouraging people from voting." Obama isguessing that critics may say that new voting requirements are neutral, or fair for everyone—and pointing out that this is not actually true in practice.




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